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A few thoughts about us as humans.

When we are born we are closest to the status of the supreme self. we are formed by our parents, society and our friends. meanwhile we move further and further away from our highest self and forget what we are capable of accomplishing. Because our spirit and our energy is above all matter. when we attain the status of supreme self we are able to mold reality to our will. to shape matter. Because matter only consists of molecules, these consist of atoms and these in turn consist of quarks, the smallest of all particles, and these can be influenced by us and our grist. because the universe is always about balance and order. when we change the arrangement of the atoms by our will, we change matter itself. glass could become metal or wood could become stone. There are no limits to the spirit. At the moment our abilities are limited because our minds are polluted. let's free our minds, clean up and open ourselves to new possibilities. Let's control our feelings.

We should start to trust ourselves without reservation and without doubt. Doubt is a strong feeling, just like fear. it can make us more vulnerable or weaker it can cloud our mind and not let us see the way. but it can also make us stronger if we decide to find a way out of fear, doubt or envy. we write in the drm strongest feeling we possess. Of the love. every feeling has its right to exist.

• Envy can spur us on • Pain can make us stronger.

• Fear shows us what we should overcome. • Anger teaches us forgiveness.

• Love shows us our true selves.

• Happiness shows us balance.

Let's be willing to learn and grow beyond ourselves, to achieve and create something new. Let's consciously change ourselves, our minds, our way of pressing and acting. Are we in the moment. Let's act and live in the now. let us learn from the past, from our mistakes and our choices, good and bad. Let's not harden with our past because we can't change it anymore. let's look ahead see the future and live in the moment. Because only the here and now matters.

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